Mount Kilimanjaro - August 2022



Hi, my name is Aimie!

I’d consider myself an adventurous person, although not entirely spontaneous! In early 2021 a work colleague told me that they were doing a trek to Kilimanjaro with a
company called Evertrek UK, I couldn’t help but be intrigued. That evening I went home from work, looked into the trek and liked what I read. The next thing I knew I’d paid my deposit that same evening and it was happening, I was taking on Kili (as it is affectionately known)!

My family were just as surprised as I had been when I told them my plans, however they were very supportive too. The excitement began to build the more we talked about the plans and I began to realise all that I could learn and overcome by completing such a big achievement. Not only to complete the trek itself but the organisation, planning, the financial costs (it’s a self-funded trip), the training and discipline to increase my fitness, as well as the potential risks that come before the trip even starts.

During the conversations with my family, we realised what a great opportunity this would be to raise awareness and fundraise for a charity or two at the same time.

These two charities are the ones that I have chosen:

  • Motor Neurone Disease Association (Scarborough and Bridlington group) - This is an incurable disease my Grandpa was diagnosed with and this group specifically is the local one supporting them.
  • Smiles to Tanzania - My Grandparents, who founded this charity, have worked tirelessly before and throughout the pandemic, always thinking about how they can help others, even when their own lives were changing and being affected. It only seems right that I take this opportunity to support them as they have and continue to do so for the people of Tanzania.

I have set up a JustGivingTM fundraising page for both the charities and started training. Luckily I have always been into fitness and keeping healthy so I already trained on-and-off, but never really with a proper plan.

After booking the trip I began training in earnest and I currently train 4 times a week with a mixture of weights and cardio, as well as getting out walking whenever I can. On the Evertrek UK site you can get you a good idea of what to expect. There are great hints and tips on there along with downloadable walking plans if you wanted to use them.

My flights are booked and the trip is nearly all paid for. There are still a couple of bits to get sorted, like visa, vaccinations and insurance, but I’ve either already got or can borrow most of the equipment which helps a lot!

I’m lucky enough to have a family who are supportive and want to help me with the fundraising aspects so we will be moving forward with that within the next month or so.

Check back for my training updates!


For more information about MNDA : MND Association | Fighting motor neurone disease

Any donations are greatly appreciated: