As detailed in a previous post, thirty-six children were taken to hospital by our N.G.O in Ukerewe Island, Tanzania to have their medical needs assessed back in December 2019. 

The children were suffering from a range of ailments that were treated either on the island or the mainland.

 Thanks to money donated toward the medical fund, the children were able to travel to the hospital with their parent or guardian.

Due to the distances that some have to travel, food and accommodation is also paid for.


Here are some more of the children that have benefited from the fund.


Alphan M Chilluma Brandina Sadock Deus Silianus 
Alphan Brandina  Deus
Edward Warwa Mwatatu Yunus Rose Marry M Kasambo
Edward Mwatatu Rose Marry
A very big 'thank-you' again to all the supporters who make this possible!
Best wishes, 
The SmilesToTanzania team